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Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Orgasm Positions

The female orgasm is a subject that has always generated a lot of attention. The first vibrator was invented in the Victorian era to relieve a woman's "hysteria" by bringing her to orgasm.

For a woman to reach orgasm, she must first relax and set the mood with foreplay. To achieve orgasm, as much foreplay as possible must be performed.
In most cases, and where the woman wishes it, cunnilingus is very effective.
In fact, if cunnilingus is properly performed the woman will reach an initial orgasm.

A female orgasm is defined as the peak of sexual arousal that can send a woman's whole body in a series of involuntary, pleasurable muscular contractions. A woman's heart rate and blood pressure increases while her breathing quickens as the release of endorphins into her blood stream can cause her to feel flushed, giddy, warm or sleepy.

Endorphins are chemicals released during orgasm, into one's spinal fluid that produce calming, pleasurable feelings. They are also known to help control the body's response to stress, determining one's mood.

Although there are many areas for sexual arousal, the clitoris is responsible for sexual climaxing. All female orgasms are really extensions of sensation coming from this area.

Top 10 Positions for Women's Orgams:

These sexual positions, generally, will help a woman reach orgasm faster:

1. Woman on Top

2. Reverse Cowgirl

3. Rear Entry or Doggie Style

4. Modified Missionary (He's kneeling with his top half upright)

5. The Butterfly (Missionary, with the woman's pelvis tilted up, a pillow under the butt, and her legs in the air.)

6. Coital Alignment Technique (Start out in missionary position; he edges forward until both partners' pubic bones meet.)

7. Standing Facing Each Other

8. Standing Rear Entry

9. Sitting Lotus Position

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